Hire Car To Discover The South West of Turkey

Where can I go for my summer vacation? Where can I sunbathe the best and experience the joy of the sea? 
If you ask these questions, we will answer your question as the southwest of Turkey. Imagine that you get off to Dalaman Airport and think about a vacation from that point. But this is a program that is not subjected to any toruism agency. It is a vacation program that completely gives you the control of the wheel even. You can go whereever you want, you can stay overnight as long as you wish or you go another place immediately. You are going to need for a rental car just for this. Now prepare a vacation with a car that you will rent from Metro Car. 
We will mention about those places briefly with their distance from Dalaman Airport.

Dalyan 1 - Vacation begins with Metro Car RentalDalyan 2Dalyan 3 

Vacation begins with Metro Car.
1st Stop is Dalyan; Dalyan village, 20 km from Dalaman Airport, is renowned for its İztuzu beach and sea turtles named Caretta Caretta. Village is located between Köyceğiz Lake and İztuzu beach. Köyceğiz Lake waters passing through this village adds a different beauty to this place. In my opinion Dalyan is the Venice of Turkey. This is because most of the urban transportation is implemented via taxi boats. These taxi boats are used for going thermal springs and mud bath. Boat trip you take to İztuzu beach between the reeds in Dalyan Lake will surely be blissful. But this trip takes 40 minutes. It is possible to go İztuzu beach through highway too. Of course if you have a rental car this will take only 10 minutes. Besides historical rock tombs and Kaunos ruins across Dalyan village are another attention point of visitors. These must certainly be visited. Evenings in Dalyan are something else. Energy you gain from the dinner in one of the fisherman restaurant near the lake will carry you away to café bars with live music. One of those places is Jazz bar. In this jazz bar with live music, Mediterranean Nights will surely be more blissful. You can decide how long you’ll stay here.  

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2 nd stop is Göcek. 
You can reach Göcek from Dalyan in half hour with your rental car. Göcek village is 30 kilometers away from Dalyan and 15 kilometers away from Dalaman. This village is renowned for 12 islands tours and is an address just for cruise. In my opinion the most beautiful covers in Turkey are lined in this broad Göcek Water Basin. Cruise boats here are bigger and more equipped than the ones in Dalyan and have everything such as showers and restrooms. 12 Islands tour begins at 9 am and ends at around 5 pm. Main islands that you will visit are Yassıca islands, Göcek islands, Tersane island, Domuz island and  Zeytinli island.
Main coves are Hamam or with its other name Cleopatra Cove, Tasyaka Cove, Gobun Cove, Sarsala Cove. You will enjoy the sea by swimming in these coves. If you can dive a few meters please make sure that you bring your snorkel. That is because; watching underwater nature and little fish in the coves gives the person bliss. Completing your cruise with a few breaks in coves and watching phosphorescence on the way back gives an utterly different bliss. You will decide that how long you are going to stay in Göcek.

Fethiye 1Fethiye 2Fethiye 3

3rd stop is Fethiye. This in the biggest tourism city of this region. It is 40 kilometers away from Dalaman Airport and 25 kilometers away from Göcek. You can reach to Fethiye from Göcek in half hour with your rental car. As for Fethiye the first thing comes to the mind is Ölüdeniz beach. Ölüdeniz is 8 km away from Fathiye and selected as the most beautiful beach in the world in 2006. Sunbathing on the beach and swimming in the sea after that gives an utterly different bliss. You will feel you are not tired at all and you will not wish to leave the sea. While you take a sunbath on the beach you will see lots people taking a flight in the air. They can make a nice and sudden descent near you. Watching those people gives excitement to the person. If you trust your courage you can also join this paragliding without having any training. You do nothing in these flights with parachutes which the control is entirely in the hands of trainers. Attending this organization is charged. There is an historical greek village located between Ölüdeniz and Fethiye. Ist name is Kaya village today. There are no people living in these houses. You can reach here from Ölüdeniz in only 10 minutes with your rental car.

In the evenings you must be in Hisarönü Village. The most entertaining disco and bars in Fethiye is in here. Fethiye provides accommodation facilities for people from all social standing with its boutique hotels or 5 star holiday villages established near sea shore. If you go to touristic shopping in Fethiye market, you will lose track of time.

By the way you should stop by Fish Market and definitely taste fresh fish. You should decide how long you are going to stay here.

Kalkan 1Kalkan 2Kalkan 3

4th stop Kalkan. It is 140 km away from Dalaman Airport and 100 km away from Fethiye. With the car you rent from Metro Car, you can reach Kalkan within 20 minutes. Kalkan is a little Mediterranean village on the shore in Antalya city. It is a vacation place generally preffered by English tourists. Of course it is possible to see domestic tourists. It is located near the sea on the mountain foot. After you arranged your accommodation here, you can join to daily boat tours. You can reach Patara beach in 15 minutes from Kalkan with your rental car. Patara Beach is the longest beach in Turkey, it is 15 kilometers long. It is forbidden to walk on the beach at nights because this place is under special environment protection. That is because this is the place where Caretta Carettas leave their eggs. I would like to mention about the history of Patara briefly. St. Nicholas, known as Santa Claus, was born in Patara city. He was an educated child of a wealthy family. He helped people and shared their sorrows for throughout his life. You can visit Xantos Antique City with your rental car after you have experienced both history and beautiful sea in here. You should decide how long you are going to stay in Kalkan. If you plan on going back, we advise Dalaman and Sarıgerme villages to be your last stop. If is helpful that you stay in those places for the last 1 - 2 days of your vacation since those are close locations to Airport. Sarıgerme beach is the second longest beach in Maditerranean. It is just like a pool for children with its fine sand and shallow shore. One end of the beach reaches till Dalaman. In Dalaman, its name changes as Kayacık beach. You will experinence the beauty of the sea and both angling and barbecue by yourself in here. If you think you still have time, you can join to rafting organization in Dalaman Brook. It’s your choice. Metro Car will continue to vacation trip you. Bye for now.

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