If you ask that what kind of place Dalaman is or how you could spend your time in Dalaman, firstly, I would like to mention the recent past of Dalaman on tourism sector. Dalaman International Airport, opened in 1985, provides 2.5 million tourists to go on a holiday in southwest of Turkey annually according to the data today. Nevertheless Dalaman which is a calm and quiet Mediterrenean village could not benefit from tourism. Until 8 – 10 years ago... Foreigners began to buy house – villa in the region in 1990’s but the main activity somehow began in 2004. It is still a calm and quiet paradise which is away from city’s noise and protects its virgin nature with regards to marvelous harmony of green and blue and natural beauties. It would be so beautiful to reach the hotel you will stay in for your holiday or your home in a short time after a long plane travel and arriving Dalaman Airport, would it not? I think foreign and domestic tourists who come to Dalaman realize something. Nowadays, a new wave of excitement has also occurred in the region regarding the beginning of Dalaman Marina construction. Putting this project with 850 yachts capacity into reality will certainly make a contribution to the value of tourism in Dalaman. Now Dalaman is the favourite of investors.
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If you ask that how you could spend time in Dalaman:
Dalaman is just the right address for cruises because it distinguishes with its coves. You can experience the blue in the sea to your heart’s content here by participating boat tours organized daily. Some of these coves are; Taşyaka Cove, (Bedri Rahmi Cove) Cleopatra cove, Sarsala cove, Kille cove, Boynuzbükü cove, Günlük Cove, Osman Ağa Cove. Cruises with Gulet boats merely pertain to this region. You can attend these cruises from Göcek, the neighboring village, as well as from Sarsala Cove. Sarsala cove distinguishes itself with its beach.  It provides accessibility with its newly constructed asphalt road. You can reach here from Dalaman in 10 minutes with the car you rent from Metro Car. In Sarsala Cove which Dalaman Municipality manages infrastructure services have been provided. It is new favorite of the vacationers with its restaurant, showers, rest rooms and parking area. You can find all kinds of sea activity here. You can also join in beach volleyball of vacationers in the afternoons. Sarsala makes a different contribution to tourism of Dalaman. From here boat trips are organized to different coves daily. This cove, still intact, is a historical one and named Cleopatra bathhouse and provides you a nice swimming experience within its own walls. There is also a restaurant in Cleopatra cove. You can also eat fresh fish with one or two glass of wine in this restaurant. Cruise is of course not limited to this place. The next cove which you will drop anchor will be determined by your captain.

Another alternative is Kayacık beach which is closer to Dalaman village center. When you go there, you need to bring your own food and drink. This is because there is no establishment – service area. And of course, please make sure you bring your umbrella. This is a virgin beach where you can have the sun to your heart’s content. This is just the place for barbecue lovers. You can have picnics here on your own. You can realize that watching the sunset will be very different experience here. Besides this is an ideal place for fishing. You can take your chance by casting a fishing line from the shore. Especially you will have the chance for hunting big fish such as Bass, Leer Fish, Pike by throw and pull using jig in Kayacık Channel where Terkasan Brook reaches the sea. Good Luck!
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Another one of Dalaman's characteristics is having hot thermal springs. Thermemaris hotel, in İncebel site of Dalaman, has put one of these thermals to good use in its own structure and provides both vacation and health services to its customers. Even if you are not the customer of the hotel who stays overnight, you can go there daily and benefit from the facilities of this hotel. Employees in charge in front of the hotel shall accompany you and show you the hotel’s pools. Some part of the hotel garden is next to sulphurous lake. While you watch the lake, you will meet the real owners of the lake, Nile turtles.
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Apart from these, you can go to rafting in Dalaman Brook. You can reach to this place which is 15 kilometers away from Dalaman with your own car or the vehicles of agencies which organize rafting. There are rafting tours, for 14 kilometers, beginning from the under of Demirli Village Akköprü and continue throughout the day, you can take photographs and have meals in restaurants in countryside. Tourists end the day in joy and reach to their hotels via minibus. People who wish to go to rafting take swimsuits, wetable shoes and towels in nylon bags. The beginning point of stages over difficulty level 2 is 15 kilometers up from Kemerli Köprü. Equipments such as boots, oar, life jacket, headguard are provided by agency. Tourists insured before are given a certificate in memory of the day at the end of Rafting.
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Dalaman : This village stands out with its beauty of mountain villages, rich forests, bird sanctuary, improved hunting and tableland tourism. You can visit Üçgül, Dumlu and Akpınar tablelands in Çöğnem, Sığla forests, old Akköprü on Dalaman Brook. You can visit historical places in Dalaman. Lidai in Kapıdağı, Lissay, Crya, Cleopatra Bathhouse, Şerefler, Kozpınar, Kaya tombs, mausoleum in Kargınkürü, iron smith market in Gürköy, monastery and madrasa in Karaağaç, Lycia Rock Tombs in Gökdağı, Şerefler mausoleum, Lycia rock tombs in Kaya dibi, Hippokome ancient city in Kavacık, Oktapolis ancient city in Bozbel and rock tombs.

You can join in village weddings and festivals of companionable region people and have a different experience. 


I would like to mention about Restaurant and bars with their different presentations in Dalaman.

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